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Welcome back!
The Poledance Dance and its High Heels

Poledance dancers are women who appear as pre-dancers in discos, evening clubs or large parties in front of an audience. The Poledance Dance or Poledance Dance is a body-energetic energetic erotic dance form and can be learned in courses of many dance schools. However, the Poledance Dance is by no means just for pre-dancers. He is also enjoying more and more popularity in private life. It promotes a healthy body feeling, gives self-confidence and self-confidence while dancing in the beloved high heels.

Find The Right Pole Dance Shoes.

Poledance has blossomed over the last few years as a popular sport among women and also the Poledances is a real miracle weapon to keep the body and mind fit. Not to mention the sexiness and grace that a skilled Pole Dancer exudes. Poledance dancers have erotic movements like strippers, but at the pole dance they do not show the chest or the genital area, and there is no tip for dancing ... But both types of dance wear plateau high heels. Sandales de striptease with a slit in the plateau as a transparent money compartment, shoes Specially for the table dance, so the dancing on tables is also often tipping ... At Pleaser there are also special tips for stripper high heels, these are with a slit in the plateau Of course, these models for our erotic dancers may not be missing in our online catalog.

In Germany, the demand for the Poledancen increases year by year and more and more women want to learn the acrobatic dance on the bar. The motives for learning are very different nature. The majority of women would like to keep fit with the pole dance. Some women just want to expand their dance skills, the next give their love life a certain lack of spice and again other women are looking for a career as a pole dancer.

Why should I buy a pole dance shoe?

In our online shop we offer a large selection of Poledance High Heels in transparent or bright colors. As mules to hatch or sandals for a better grip. Popular with our customers are also the current open ankle boots. Although the pole dance and striptease scene is strictly separated, it is often confused in public. The main difference is that gogos dance to animate the guests or spectators and to provide a good mood and the sexual component is in the foreground during the striptease. No matter what motive you pursue, you should not underestimate the selection of the right Pole Dance shoes. Buying the right poledance shoe is as important as buying the right running shoe for the jogger.

Find the right Pole Dance Shoe

When buying the appropriate Pole Dance Shoe, you should not blindly buy a pair of shoes that suit them in color. Of course it is the "A and O" to find the future Pole Dance Shoe appealing and sexy by design. However, even more advanced factors such as material, workmanship and the ideal size of length and width play a central role in the selection. As already mentioned, the Pole Dance Shoe is the icing on the cake of your outfit and should be color-coordinated accordingly. There are no limits to creativity and taste. Tastes are and always will be different.

In the following we would like to advise you from A-Z and assist you in choosing the perfect Pole Dance shoe.

The aim of the Poledance Dance is to create a sense of humor and to encourage guests to dance. Not unusual here is the dancing on loudspeakers or in cages. The Poledance Dance itself is not a dance direction, it combines different styles depending on the music played. Hip Hop, House, Techno. All kinds of party music, Of course, these dances include the right shoes. Many newcomers question the purchase of matching Pole Dance shoes and forego the beautiful pair of shoes at the beginning. They prefer to start dancing in sports shoes, ballet shoes or even barefoot. The wearing of the Pole Dance shoes is an important aspect, which raises the overall image of the Poledancerin many times.

The characteristic feature of a pole dance shoe is its high heels (high heels or stiletto heels), which are known to emphasize the beautiful feminine curves. Furthermore, choosing the right Pole Dance Shoe will not only make your body attractive, but complete the sexy overall image of a Poledancer. The Pole Dance Shoe is the icing on the cake in every possible variation and sure you will find a suitable shoe for your Pole Dance. We help you!

Pleaser's Poledance High Heel Shoes from the USA are just the tools you need to make those tedious performances.

A key feature of the Poledance dancers is the wearing of high heels in their performance. The Poledance High Heels usually have a slightly higher plateau and are offered by completely transparent up to bright neon colors that glow in the UV light. Even more eye-catching is the Poledance High Heel with colored LEDs, which are incorporated in the plateau and start to blink or shine when moved. Glittering rhinestones make the Poledance High Heels sparkle classy in the party light. Luckily! Only the selection of the corresponding Pole Dance Shoe gives a dancer the sexiness on the floor and the dance moves look better with sexy Pole Dance shoes. Poledance dancers try to interpret the current music with their high heels well, but different to each genre is danced. There is not one dance style of poledancedance, but the basics lie in many dance areas, such as ballet, hip hop or jazz dance, which they combine.

The correct size of the Pole Dance Shoes

Part of the Pole Dancen extends over several hours, the right footwear is essential. Pay special attention to the choice of shoe size and width. Furthermore, all women with broader feet can breathe a sigh of relief. You will also discover an attractive and well-fitting pole dance shoe among the innumerable variations.

"The right pole dance shoe makes a woman sexy even after several hours and feels just as comfortable on the foot as from the first second of wearing."

Try a shoe three times before choosing it. The shoe should fit exactly in width and length and the gait should always be safe. Why we are extremely aware of this circumstance, because a small compromise in size or width will make you blow bubbles quickly. And even small bubbles make the Poledancen or walking generally impossible. The only thing that helps here is a blister patch from the pharmacy, but the novel Pole Dance Shoe can still hang you up for several days.

Select the one hundred percent material

The right material selection of the Pole Dance Shoe decides whether your Pole Dance is equipped with numerous slips or whether they can lie down for hours a flawless dance. Not to mention the unloved bubbles that can make a wrong selection. It is difficult to dance on 17.5cm high heels, and if the sole of the pole dance shoe also has a smooth surface, slipping is safe. No matter if you are a professional or are currently practicing the first pole dance. Make sure that the sole of the Pole Dance shoe is equipped with rubber.

Why? Will you ask, I would like to answer you.

To give the stability and grip on various floors (also tiles), as well as to spare them an embarrassing slip-up. A little insider tip: Stick a strip of plaster across the outsole, (if the favorite shoe has no rubber sole), which gives a certain grip. The ordinary Poledance shoe is similar to the shape of a sandal and you should make sure that the top closure provides a compact grip, as well as the gear stabilized. On the other hand, the upper and inner material should be made of a non-slip material. Synthetic is recommended here, because synthetic material prevents slipping and allows comfortable comfort for many hours.

Choosing the Right Sales

The heels are the characteristic feature of a pole dance shoe, but the safe gang on 17.5cm high heels wants to be learned first. Especially for beginners, we suggest a pole dance shoe with a smaller heel to get started with routine and safety.

»Mighty Grip Pole Dance Grip Ankle Protector With Grip Small Medium«

These are comfortable to wear, do not slip and protect the ankles, especially for beginners. The diverse selection of Pole Dance shoes leaves nothing to be desired even for smaller heels. After a little practice, increase the heel height to give your body the necessary grace. Choosing the right size is a difficult task for Pole Dance shoes. However, there is a simple rule of thumb that allows you to be 100% sure you have chosen the right shoe.

Conclusion Or you can try it with:

We hope that we have advised you well and the listed criteria will assist you in purchasing your future Pole Dance Shoe. With the right Pole Dance Shoe you will surely experience the classic Pole Dance feeling.

As well as radiate and lay down a stunning sexy appearance.

Have fun exercising and dancing.